Animals are a common phenomenon is our dreams. Most of the times, cats will appear in your dreams because they are some of the animals that we can relate to in our daily life. If you dream about a cat or any other animal, then you need to take time and remember the reactions or the feeling surrounding the dream. Here are some of the interpretation in case of a dream related to cats.

What do cats mean in dreams?

Playful cats

When you see playful cats in your dream, then this is a positive sign. Seeing playful cats in a dream is always an indication that you need to release the playful aspect in your life. The dream is trying to tell you that you need to let down your guard and relax. Cats are very playful and innocent, and this is what the dream is telling to do. If you saw playful cats in your dream, then there is chance that this was a happy dream.

many cats

Rescuing a cat

A dream about rescuing a cat might be talking about yourself. If you rescue a kitten or a cat from danger, then it is an indication that you feel stuck in a situation and you need someone to take you out. The good news is that with this type of dream is that you can take yourself out of the situation even though it feels like you are stuck in the situation.

A cat attacking you

A cat attacking you and biting you might be a strange dream, but it still has a deeper meaning in the waking life. Cats are supposed to be friendly and homely animals, and if you see a cat attacking you in a dream, then it is a sign that you feel threatened in your waking life. Feeling threatened might be from family members or your competitors. It is important to face the fear that you are facing and address it.

sleeping cat

Black cat

A black cat is always seen as a bad omen in many cultures, but this doesn’t mean bad luck in your waking life. Most of the time, a black cat is a sign that you need to face your inner fears and the fear of the unknown.