With increasing traffic jams filling the highways and roads, and people trying to squeeze their massive trucks, into apparently small parking spaces, it is a rather common sight nowadays, to see our cars pick up all kinds of scratches and scrapes, as well as various dents and dings. Once this happens to a particular car, there are only two options remaining. Let the car suffer even more damage, which will significantly reduce its resale value, or spring into immediate action, by taking the car to a reputable car body repair shop, such as the Euro Pros auto body collision center. There are numerous repair shops out there, and picking the best one is not the simplest of tasks. However, by learning to detect and inspect certain details, that task can be made much easier.

How to detect a high-quality service

man fixing carThe most important question here is, what exactly to look for when searching for quality services. One of the best ways of getting an accurate first impression is to look and examine the most recent body work; the shop has done. Most car body repair shops will have no problem allowing this. Some might even allow a little stroll around the shop, as well. By checking the most recent repair efforts, you will be able to tell whether the service was up to the task, or not.

The most important features to check

Now, what are the most important features of the job, we should pay most attention to? First of all, patience is a must. We need to take our time, and carefully inspect every possible element. Anything out of the ordinary, or color matching, are usually indications of a poor job. Initially, everything should look as untouched and natural as possible. Next, we should check whether there are any visible signs of paint around the trim, or on the rubbers. Panels should also be inspected, so as to check if they are flat and devoid of any unusual ripples. The lack of flatness and the overabundance of ripples are also indications of a poor job. To achieve perfect flatness, an experienced car body repairman will use a sanding block during the entire process. Another important feature that should be checked is the paint work. If there are little pin holes or scratches, the job was not up to the mark.

The overall texture of the paint work needs to match, as well. A reputable repair expert will give his best, to match the new texture, with the original one, as much as possible. Even though some people might deem this a bit picky, it is still something that can substantially lower the resale price of the car.

Know who are you dealing with

damage carWhen checking the previous works, or the entire shop, it would also be helpful to pay attention to the attitude of the staff. Like in every other job, here, it is also quite important to know who are you dealing with. By asking well-thought out questions, and being inquisitive in general, you can get more acquainted with the people you are supposed to work with. If they are willing to answer all your questions and allow you to examine the shop, as well as recent and current jobs. Then it is a clear indication, which they are quite confident in the services they offer. If they have a rather defensive attitude, then perhaps, it would be a better option to avoid them altogether.